List of Survivor Season 43 Cast - Baka Tribe

Contestants stranded on a small island try to survive on it and face difficult tasks to win the grand prize money.

Elisabeth ‘Elie’ Scott

Elisabeth “Elie” Scott is a Clinical Psychologist by profession and enjoys working in the psychological field. The subject has attracted the fact TV star since she was in high school.

Mike Gabler

The 53-year-old transcatheter valve specialist from Houston, Texas, has been watching the show since its beginning, and it is must-see TV at his house. 

Morriah Young

Young is a 28-year-old show artist and educator from Philadelphia whose life and Instagram feed can brighten up anyone's day.

Owen Knight

He’s hoping his perceived cross between a brainy nerd and a long-haired “bro” will keep people guessing. 

Jeanine Zheng

The 24-year-old UX designer believes the other castaways will believe she is some digits brainiac, but she handles her creative side will come out. 

Sami Layadi

But the 19-year-old pet cremator is committed to learning from people's life incidents on the show.