100 Meaningful and Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Baby Names! Having a baby is a special moment for a couple, but picking up a name for that newborn might appear like one of the most challenging tasks in the world.

This article will look at the importance of finding the correct name for your newborn. We will also see some of the most popular newborn baby names for both boys and girls, along with their meanings.

Exploring the correct name for your baby is challenging for many parents. With trends coming in and out so quickly, it can be difficult to keep up with which names are currently popular.

And this is the right place to start when choosing a name. Are you looking for a unique name, or do you prefer to go along with the current trend?

For some people, an old-fashioned or traditional name can be a lot more appealing than an extremely trendy one such as Nevaeh, which has risen in popularity enormously in recent years. Another factor to consider is spelling, and some names can be spelled in multiple ways.

For example, let’s take Amelia, and it can be pronouns as we have just written it, or it could be pronouns, Emelia or Emilia.

It is essential to consider whether nontraditional spelling might cause problems for the child later in life, continuously spelling out their name for others.

However you decide to select the name for your baby, the result will be something which stays with them, and you, for life, so it is important to think carefully about the name you will give.

Baby Names List

100 Meaningful Baby Names for Boys

  1. Liam – It’s an Irish name. It means strong-willed warrior and Protector.
  2. Noah – The word came from Hebrew, which means “rest” or “repose.”
  3. Elijah – Elijah’s name means “Yahweh is my God” and is spelled Elias in some versions of the Bible.
  4. Logan – a Scottish name that comes from the Gaelic word “lagan” or “lag,” which means “hollow.”
  5. Mason- It’s an English word meaning a tradesman or artisan who works in stone.
  6. James- The word comes from Jacob’s Hebrew name, which means supplanter.
  7. Aiden comes from Irish mythology and Gaelic roots, where Aodh was a Celtic sun god.
  8. Ethan- It’s a Hebrew word that means “Strong,” “Safe,” “Solid,” and “Firm.”
  9. Lucas- a name that means “bringer of light” in Latin.
  10. Jacob- meaning one who follows.
  11. Michael- Hebrew origin and means “who is like God?” or “gift from God.”
  12. Matthew- A gift from God.
  13. Benjamin- The son of my right hand.
  14. Alexander- means defender or Protector.
  15. William- which means Protector.
  16. Daniel- meaning to judge.
  17. Jayden- a name that means thankful.
  18. Oliver- Old Norse meaning “ancestor’s descendants.
  19. Carter- Means Driver of a Cart.
  20. Sebastian- means “venerable” or “revered” in Latin
  21. Joseph- Means God will give
  22. David- the name means beloved.
  23. Gabriel- means God is my strength.
  24. Julian- means “youthful, downy-bearded, or sky father.”
  25. Jackson- It means God has been gracious; has shown favor.
  26. Anthony- It means “priceless one” or “highly praiseworthy.”
  27. Dylan- means son of the sea.
  28. Wyatt- means brave in battle.
  29. Greyson- means son of the steward.
  30. Isaiah- means God saves.
  31. Christopher- meaning bearer of Christ
  32. Joshua- A Hebrew word meaning “God is salvation.”
  33. Christian- meaning a man who follows Christ.
  34. Andrew- A Greek name meaning “strong and manly.”
  35. Samuel- a Hebrew phrase meaning either “God has heard” or “name of God.”
  36. Mateo- Meaning A Gift of God.
  37. Jaxon- means “God is gracious.”
  38. Josiah- God supports and heals.
  39. John- meaning God is gracious.
  40. Luke is derived from the Latin word “lux,” meaning “light.”
  41. Ryan- Irish name which means little King
  42. Nathan- meaning giver.
  43. Isaac- a name that means laughter.
  44. Owen- a name meaning warrior.
  45. Henry- a Hebrew name meaning “gift of God” or “He gave.”
  46. Levi- It means “united,” “joined.”
  47. Aaron- It means “exalted” or “strong.”.
  48. Caleb- a Hebrew name that means “faithful,” “whole-hearted,” “bold,” or “brave.”
  49. Jeremiah- From the Hebrew name Yirmeyahu (meaning ‘appointed by God’ in Hebrew).
  50. Landon- means long hill.
  51. Lincoln- means “lake/pool colony”.
  52. Adrian- son of Adria.
  53. Hunter- means one who hunts.
  54. Eli- a Hebrew name that means “high” or “elevated.”
  55. Jonathan- a Hebrew name meaning “God has given.”
  56. Thomas- Hebrew word “ta’om,” meaning “twin.”
  57. Jack- meaning God is gracious.
  58. Jordan- the name means “to flow down” or “descend.”
  59. Connor- meaning “master of wolves” or “Lover of hounds.”
  60. Brayden- Irish origin and means both “brave” and “salmon.”
  61. Cameron- means “crooked nose” or “cam abhainn” which means “crooked river.”
  62. Bryson- means “son of Brice” or “son of a nobleman.”
  63. Jose- meaning “God will give.”
  64. Xavier- means “new house” or “bright.”
  65. Dominic- means “Lordly,” “Belonging to God,” or “of the Master.”
  66. Nicholas- meaning “victory of the people.”
  67. Charles- the Old English word “ceorl,” meaning “free man.”
  68. Robert- an old German name that means “bright fame.”
  69. Angel- meaning messenger.
  70. Carson- means “Son of marsh-dwellers.”
  71. Easton- referring to someone from the East.
  72. Colton- deriving from a place name.
  73. Jaxson- another form of Jackson or Jaxon.
  74. Ezekiel- God is strength.
  75. Asher- meaning happy.
  76. Ayden- another form of Aiden.
  77. Austin- a name that means great.
  78. Chase- means “to hunt.”
  79. Elias- which means “Lord is my God.”
  80. Evan- meaning “the Lord is gracious.”
  81. Leo- a name which means lion.
  82. Jace- this name means God is salvation.
  83. Adam- a name meaning man.
  84. Roman- a name refers to someone from Rome.
  85. Ezra- means helper.
  86. Ian- meaning God’s gift.
  87. Hudson- meaning heart.
  88. Nolan- derived from a surname.
  89. Kayden- this name means battle.
  90. Santiago- referring to a saint.
  91. Maverick- meaning independent.
  92. Jason- meaning to heal.
  93. Leonardo- meaning bold.
  94. Zachary- this name means God will remember.
  95. Vincent- which means conqueror.
  96. Tyler- referring to one who lays tiles.
  97. Gavin- this name means Godsend.
  98. Brandon- fiery hill
  99. Bentley- meaning a meadow with coarse grass.
  100. Joel- meaning God is good.

100 Meaningful Baby Names for Girls

  1. Emma- meaning whole
  2. Olivia- referring to the olive tree.
  3. Ava- meaning bird.
  4. Isabella- God is perfect.
  5. Sophia- meaning wisdom.
  6. Charlotte- a female version of Charles.
  7. Mia- meaning mine.
  8. Amelia- meaning strives.
  9. Harper- one who plays the harp.
  10. Evelyn- Wished for Child.
  11. Abigail- a gift from God.
  12. Emily- meaning hard working.
  13. Elizabeth- my oath is in God.
  14. Mila- meaning gracious.
  15. Ella- a name that means light.
  16. Avery- a name that means powerful.
  17. Sofia- a variant of Sophia.
  18. Camelia- referring to the flower.
  19. Aria- meaning song.
  20. Scarlett- referring to the color.
  21. Victoria- meaning one who is victorious.
  22. Lucy- meaning light.
  23. Paisey- a name that refers to a church.
  24. Everly- means “from the boar meadow” or “grazing meadow.”
  25. Anna- meaning “grace” or “favor.”
  26. Caroline- French origin and means “strong.”
  27. Nova- means new.
  28. Genesis- It means the beginning.
  29. Emilia- a variant of Amelia.
  30. Kennedy- a name which means chief.
  31. Samantha- meaning one who listens or flowers.
  32. Maya- this name means water.
  33. Willow- referring to the willow tree.
  34. Kinsley- referring to a king.
  35. Naomi- meaning pleasant.
  36. Aliyah- meaning exalted one.
  37. Elena- meaning shining or bright.
  38. Sarah- meaning princess.
  39. Ariana- referring to a place.
  40. Alison- a name meaning noble.
  41. Gabriela- a woman of God.
  42. Alice- this name means noble.
  43. Madeline- a name which means tower.
  44. Cora- meaning maiden.
  45. Ruby- referring to the gemstone.
  46. Eva- meaning living one.
  47. Serenity- meaning peace.
  48. Autumn- a name that refers to the season.
  49. Adeline- a name meaning noble.
  50. Hayley- this name means meadow.
  51. Gianna- a God, is grace.
  52. Valentina- meaning strong or healthy.
  53. Isla- meaning from an island.
  54. Grace- meaning gracious one.
  55. Chloe- this name means fertile.
  56. Penelope- meaning one who weaves.
  57. Layla- meaning dark beauty.
  58. Riley- meaning valiant.
  59. Zoe- a name meaning life.
  60. Nora- meaning honor.
  61. Lily- referring to the flower.
  62. Helena- meaning bright.
  63. Hannah- this means favor.
  64. Lilian- coming from the name Lily.
  65. Addison- son of one called Addie.
  66. Eliana- the answer of God.
  67. Quinn- meaning chief.
  68. Nevaeh- Heaven spelled backward.
  69. Ivy- referring to the plant.
  70. Sadie- this name means princess.
  71. Piper- one who plays the pipe.
  72. Olivia- from the olive tree.
  73. Alexa- from Alexander, meaning defender.
  74. Josephine- from the male name Joseph.
  75. Emery- meaning powerful or brave.
  76. Julia- meaning young one.
  77. Delilah- one who seduces.
  78. Vivian- meaning life.
  79. Kayleigh- one who keeps keys.
  80. Sophie- meaning wisdom.
  81. Brielle- meaning strength of God.
  82. Maddy- a variant of Madeline.
  83. Ali- a variant of Alison.
  84. Aubrey- meaning elf.
  85. Ella- a name that means light.
  86. Stella- It means star.
  87. Natalie- meaning “birthday of the Lord” or “Christmas.”
  88. Leah- a biblical name of Hebrew origin that means delicate or weary.
  89. Hazel- meaning “the hazelnut tree.”
  90. Violet- It’s means purple.
  91. Aurora- a mystical and romantic name that means “dawn” in Latin.
  92. Savannah- a name of freedom and nature thanks to her meaning “large, grassy plain.”
  93. Audrey- the Anglo-Norman words for “noble” and “strength.”
  94. Brooklyn- means “beautiful brook.”
  95. Bella- meaning ‘beautiful, ‘lovely’.
  96. Claire- a French word meaning “clear,” “bright,” or “light-colored.”
  97. Skylar- the name is Dutch for “scholar.”
  98. Belle- this name means beautiful.
  99. Iris- referring to the flower.
  100. Nancy- a name which means favor or grace.
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