The Best Dramas Shows on Amazon Prime Video

Looking for new web series to watch on your holidays? We bring you the list of best drama shows and web series released on Amazon Prime Video.

So what are you still waiting for, find your favorite shows out there or make a note of the ones you might like so that you can watch them out when you get a chance next time.

Amazon Prime has an immense catalog of original series, including shows that have already won Emmys.

This list has everything from cult classic comedies to serious dramas to supernatural shows and more, so there’s something for everyone.

No matter which one you choose, we’re assured of a solid binge-watching experience. So you’re welcome and happy streaming!

The Best Dramas Shows on Amazon Prime Video

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    Best Action dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • Scorpion web series
    • The Boys Web series
      The Boys
    • Gotham (TV series)
      Gotham (TV series)
    • Marvel's Runaways
      Marvel’s Runaways
    • Blindspot web series
    • The Flash
      The Flash
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    Best Romantic dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • Chemical Hearts tv show
      Chemical Hearts
    • The Only Living Boy in New York
      The Only Living Boy in New York
    • Breathe_ Into the Shadows
      Breathe 2017
    • Midnight Sun 2018
      Midnight Sun 2018
    • The Choice web series
      The Choice
    • A Walk to Remember
      A Walk to Remember
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    Best Adventure dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • The Revenant
      The Revenant
    • All Is Lost
      All Is Lost
    • Adrift 2018
      Adrift 2018
    • Cast Away web series
      Cast Away
    • Mud 2012 web series
      Mud 2012
    • Troy 2004
      Troy 2004
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    Best Thriller dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • The Family Man
      The Family Man
    • Breathe_ Into the Shadows
      Breathe: Into the Shadows
    • The Exorcist
      The Exorcist (TV series)
    • Mr. Robot
      Mr. Robot
    • StartUp (TV series)
      StartUp (TV series)
    • The Night Manager
      The Night Manager
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    Best Crime dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • Forever web series
    • Suits web series
    • McMafia tv show
    • The Mentalist
      The Mentalist
    • The Good Wife
      The Good Wife
    • Covert Affairs
      Covert Affairs
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    Best Dramedies on Amazon Prime Video

    • Mr. Queen
      Mr. Queen
    • Undone (TV series)
      Undone (TV series)
    • Whiskey Cavalier
      Whiskey Cavalier
    • Parenthood tv show
    • Shameless web series
    • Fleabag web series
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    Best Oscar-winning dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • The Imitation Game
      The Imitation Game
    • Room web series
    • A Beautiful Mind web series
      A Beautiful Mind
    • The Theory Of Everything
      The Theory Of Everything
    • Minari web series
    • Moonlight 2016
      Moonlight 2016
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    Best War dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • American Sniper
      American Sniper
    • Allied (film)
      Allied (film)
    • Operation Chromite
      Operation Chromite
    • Macbeth 2015
      Macbeth 2015
    • 13 Hours web series
      13 Hours
    • Danger Close_ The Battle of Long Tan
      Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan
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    Best Drama mysteries on Amazon Prime Video

    • House web series
    • The Affair web series
      The Affair
    • Absentia web series
    • Elementary (TV series)
      Elementary (TV series)
    • Cruel Summer (TV series)
      Cruel Summer (TV series)
    • CSI_ Las Vegas
      CSI: Las Vegas
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    Best Fantasy dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • The Vampire Diaries
      The Vampire Diaries
    • The Magicians web series
      The Magicians
    • Carnival Row web series
      Carnival Row
    • Constantine (TV series)
      Constantine (TV series)
    • American Gods web series
      American Gods
    • The Originals web series
      The Originals
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    Best Sci-fi dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • Fringe web series
    • 12 Monkeys web series
      12 Monkeys (TV series)
    • The Expanse web series
      The Expanse
    • Arrow (TV series)
      Arrow (TV series)
    • The Man in the High Castle
      The Man in the High Castle
    • Person of Interest
      Person of Interest
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    Best Horror dramas on Amazon Prime Video

    • Supernatural web series
    • Bates Motel web series
      Bates Motel
    • Lore (TV series)
      Lore (TV series)
    • NOS4A2
    • The Terror (TV series)
      The Terror (TV series)
    • Fear the Walking Dead
      Fear the Walking Dead

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