GK Quiz On India – General Knowledge Quiz About India – Part 2

GK Quiz on India covers all static insight facts about Indian states, Central Government Schemes, Revolutions in India, Indian Culture, Indian History, Geography, and its diversity.

In addition, some important topics related to Indian General Knowledge are given below. This section comprises all the main facts about India from the examination point of view.

GK Quiz On India

Which state has the largest Area in India?

Rajasthan is a state in northern India that covers an area of 342,239 square kilometers. It is the largest Indian state by area and the seventh-largest by population.

Which Indian state has no railway connectivity yet?

Sikkim is the only Northeastern Indian state which is not connected to a rail network yet. Therefore, NH10 is the only highway route that joins the state with the rest of the country. But finally, Sikkim has a new 45 KM rail line from Sevoke in West Bengal to Rangpo in Sikkim.

What is the name of the Tamil Nadu coastline?

The coastline in Tamil Nadu is the second largest coastline in India (1,076 km long) and is known as the coromandel coast.

Which state is the largest producer of wind energy in India?

Tamil Nadu

Which state has the best electricity in India?


In which state the percentage of the Christian population is highest?

The largest Christian population in Kerala at 6.14 million (18.4% of the state population), the Majority in Nagaland at 87.9%, Mizoram at 87.2%, and Meghalaya at 74.6%. Plurality in Manipur at 41.3% and Arunachal Pradesh at 31%.

Which state is famous for beaches?


Which is the most beautiful sea in India?

Palolem Beach, South Goa – It’s known for its beautiful crescent shape, making it possible to see both the ends from the center of the beach.

Which state has the largest sea coast in India?

Gujarat has the largest sea coastal in India.

Where is the first national marine park of India?

Gujrat created India’s first marine wildlife sanctuary and national park in the Gulf of Kutch in 1980 and 1982.

Which is the longest beach in India?

Marina beach in Chennai is India’s longest and the world’s second-longest beach. It is mainly sandy, nearly 12 kilometers from Beasant Nagar in the south to Fort St. George in the north.

How many states in India have beaches?

Nine states of India have beautiful beaches. – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, and two union territories– Daman and Diu and Puducherry.

What is the old name of Kanyakumari?

In 1656, the Dutch East India Company defeated Portuguese Ceylon from the Portuguese East Indies, and the name eventually corrupted to “Comorin.” It was called Cape Comorin during British rule in India.

What is the old name of Puducherry?

The original name of the region is, Putucceri is derived from the Tamil words putu (“new”) and Ceri (“village”).

What is the old name of Kerala?

Kerala was alternatively known as Malabar in the foreign trade circles.

What is the old name of Kolkata?


What is the old name of Pune?


Which is the smallest beach in India?

Kalapathar Beach

Which is the longest beach in Kerala?

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach (4 km length) is a beach in Kerala in southwestern India.

Where is the maximum number of sugar factories located in India?

The largest number of sugar mills in India is in Maharashtra State.

Which is the largest union territory of India in 2022?


Which state of India shows the lowest population as per Census 2011?


What is the sex ratio of India according to the 2011 census?

940 females per 1000 males

What is the most populated city in India in 2020?


In which state is the literacy rate of women the highest?

According to Census 2011, Kerala has the highest total literacy rate and female literacy rate.

Where is the only Active volcano situated in India?

Barren Island is an island located in the Andaman Sea.

Which state of India is leading in solar energy generation?


Which is called the “lake district of India”?

Nainital is known as the lake district of India.

Which Indian state is surrounded by Bangladesh from three sides?

Tripura is the only Indian state surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides, north, south, and west.

Which Indian state is known as the least literate state in India?

Bihar is the least literate state in India, with a literacy of 63.82%.

Where is the headquarters of the botanical survey of India located?


Where is the Indian Institute of Petroleum located?

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Which cities were first connected by the  STD services?

Kanpur and Lucknow

Which city is known as the “Silicon Valley of India”?

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Who was the first Indian woman to scale Mt.Everest?

Bachendri Pal is an Indian mountaineer who became the first Indian woman to scale Mt.Everest in 1984.

Which is the small state of India?

Goa is the smallest state in India by area.

Which is the Largest Union Territory in India by area?

Ladakh is the largest union territory with 59,146 km of land area.

Which is the Smallest Union Territory in India?

India’s smallest Union Territory Lakshadweep is an archipelago consisting of 36 islands with 32 sq km.

Which is the largest district in India in 2021?

Kutch is the largest district in India, covering an area of 45,674 square km.

which is the longest national highway in India?

National Highway 44 is the longest national highway in India, with a length of 4,112 km running from Srinagar in the north to Kanyakumari in the South. This highway joins 11 states and about 30 important cities with each other.

Which is the cleanest city in India in 2022?

Indore is ranked the cleanest city in India for the fifth straight year.

Which is the longest river in India?

Ganga is the longest river in India. The Ganga originates as the Bhagirathi from the Gangotri glacier.

Which is the longest inland river in India?

The Ganges is the longest inland river in India.

Which is the largest west-flowing river in Peninsular India?

The Narmada is the largest west-flowing river of the Peninsula, and it rises near the Amarkantak range of mountains in Madhya Pradesh.

which is the largest desert in India?

The Thar Desert, also called the Great Indian Desert, is an arid region of rolling sandhills on the Indian subcontinent.

which is the largest commercial bank in India?

State Bank Of India is India’s largest public sector bank.

which is the largest lake in India?

Vembanad Lake in Kerala

Which one is the biggest Dam in India?

Tehri Dam in Uttarakhand

Which one is the longest Dam in India?

Hirakud Dam was built across the Mahanadi River, about 15 kilometers) from Sambalpur in the state of Odisha in India.

which is the largest Museum in India?

The Indian Museum is India’s largest and oldest museum and has rare collections of antiques, armor and ornaments, fossils, skeletons, mummies, and Mughal paintings.

which is the largest tribe in India?

The Santhal are the largest and one of the oldest tribes in India.

which is the longest river in south India?

The Godavari is the longest river in South India.

Which is the first largest dome in India?

Bijapur Gol Gumbaz

which one is the longest river in Maharashtra?

Godavari River

The longest and highest mountain range in India?

The highest mountain range in India is the Himalayan range.

which is the smallest district in India?


Which states have the largest freshwater lakes in India?

Wular Lake is the largest freshwater lake in India, situated in the Bandipora district of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Which states have the largest saltwater lakes?

Chilika Lake is the largest saltwater lake in India.

Which states have the largest Zoo in India?

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park is located in Chennai and is also known as the Vandalur Zoo. Its sprawling 602 hectares confines house about 1500 types of fauna, including a host of endangered and rare species.

Which state has the highest mosque in India?

Central mahallu jamaath – Muvattupuzha (Kerala)

Which state in India has the highest monastery?

Tawang Monastery, located in Tawang city of Tawang district in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, is the largest monastery in India.

Which is the oldest cave temple in India?

The oldest rock-cut architecture is found in the Barabar caves, Bihar, around the 3rd century BC.

Which is the longest cave temple in India?

Ellora Caves

Which is the first largest cave in India?

With an explored length of 30,957 meters (101,565 ft), Krem Liat Prah in Jaintia Hills is the longest cave in Meghalaya and India.

Which temple is made of black stone?

Kalaram Temple – Nashik

Which is the deepest cave in India?

The Borra Caves is one of the deepest caves in India. They are located on the East Coast of India, in the Ananthagiri hills of the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh. The caves, one of the largest in the country, at an elevation of about 2,313 ft.

What is the smallest cave in India?

Borra Caves, Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh

Which city is known as the City of caves in India?

The Elephanta Caves

Which temple has the tallest shikhara in India?

Ranganathaswamy Temple, Raja Gopuram – Srirangam, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

Which city is known as the city of temples?

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is an Indian city commonly known as the “Temple City of India. “

How many caves are there in India?

22 Caves in India.

Which states have the largest animal fair?

Sonepur animal fair is the largest animal fair in the eastern Indian state of Bihar.

Which dam has the largest water reservoir in India?

Indira Sagar is located in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh.

Which is the Largest Reservoir in India?

Koyna Dam – Maharashtra

Which is the Longest Canal in India?

The Indira Gandhi Canal is the longest in India.

Which is the Largest Delta in India?

The Ganges-Brahmaputra delta

Which is the Longest Railway Platform in India?

Gorakhpur Junction – Uttar Pradesh

What is the Largest Marshaling Railway Yard in India?

Mughalsarai marshaling yard is the largest in Asia. It is 12.5 km long and handles around 1,500 wagons daily.

Which is the largest Artificial Island in India?

Willingdon Island is the largest artificial island in India.

Which one is the Largest Shipyard in India?

Cochin Shipyard Ltd (CSL) is the largest shipbuilding and maintenance facility in India.

What is the Biggest and Largest airbase in India?

Air Force Station Hindan (Hindan AFS) is an Indian Air Force base under the Western Air Command (WAC).

Which is the Largest Bus Terminus in India?

The Millennium Park Bus Depot is a major bus station and largest bus terminus located in Delhi, India.

Which is the Largest Port in India?

Mumbai Port – It is also India’s largest port by size, spread over a 46.3-hectare area with a dock length touching 8,000 km.

Which is Longest Traveling Train in India?

Dibrugarh – Kanyakumari Vivek Express

Which is the Largest Solar Park in India?

India’s Bhadla Solar Park is the largest solar power park globally. It is located in Bhadla, a dry and sandy region in Rajasthan, and spans 14,000 acres.

Which is the biggest onshore wind farm in India?

The 1,500 MW Muppandal wind farm is the biggest onshore wind farm in India.

Which is the Longest Railway Tunnel in India?

T-49 tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir with 12.758 kilometers long.

Which is the Highest Speed Train in India?

The fastest train in India is the Vande Bharat Express with a top speed of 180 km/h (110 mph) which is attained during a trial run, while the fastest operating train is the Gatimaan Express with a top operating speed of 160 km/h (99 mph).

What is the Longest Road Tunnel in India?

At 14.15 km, the Zojila tunnel will be India’s longest road tunnel and Asia’s longest bi-directional tunnel.

Which is the Longest Railway Bridge in India?

The Bogibeel Bridge is a joint road and rail bridge over the Brahmaputra River in the northeastern Indian state of Assam.

Which is the longest bridge in India in 2022?

The Bhupen Hazarika Setu also referred to as the Dhola–Sadiya Bridge is the longest bridge in India.

Which is the Longest Expressway in India?

Delhi-Amritsar-Katra Expressway

What is the Longest Elevated Expressway in India?

Hindon Elevated Road is a 10.3 km long elevated road located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

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