115 General Knowledge question about India and its history

115 Most Frequently Asked general knowledge question about India and its history. Thus GK Questions and Answers for students of all competitive exams. It will arouse your interest and help to prepare you for various competitive examinations, including UPSC, State PCS, IBPS, SBI, SCC, Railways, etc.

General Knowledge question about India

Who defeated Britishers in India?

Hyder Ali.

What is the first Battle in India?

The First Battle of Panipat

Who is popularly known as Gandhi Buri?

Matangini Hazra

What are the major languages spoken in Andhra Pradesh?

Telugu and Urdu

What is the state flower of Haryana?


Which is the largest coffee-producing state of India?


Which state has the largest population?

Uttar Pradesh

In what state is Elephant Falls located?


Who is the father of Ayurveda medicine in India?


Who is the father of modern Indian astronomy?

Manali Kallat Vainu Bappu

Who is the Sanskrit poet called as the Indian Shakespeare?


Who was the first President of India?

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Who is the known as Mother of India?

Sarojini Naidu (Nightingale of India)

Who is the first chief minister in India?

Govind Ballabh Pant

Who is the grandfather of India?

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati

Which is the smallest state in India?


Which is the biggest city in India 2022?


How many rivers are in India?

There are 8 major river systems in India, with more than 400 rivers in total.

How many districts are in India?

748 Districts

Which state in India has no river?


What is the full name of Narendra Modi?

Narendra Damodardas Modi

Who was the first female president of India?

Pratibha Patil

Who is our 16th president of India?

Pranab Mukherjee

Who is the first female prime minister in India?

Indira Gandhi

Who was first king of India?

The great ruler Chandragupta Maurya

Who is the last king of India?

George VI

Who is Grand Old Man of India?

Dadabhai Naoroji

Who was the first freedom fighter in India?

Mangal Pandey

Who gave the name Quit India movement?

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Which is the richest state in India?


Which is oldest port in India?

Kolkata Port Trust

Which is the last state in India?


Which is the poorest city in India?


What is the smallest river of India?

Arvari river

Which is biggest river in India?

The Indus

How many male rivers are there in India?

Seven major rivers (Indus, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Tapi, Godavari, Krishna and Mahanadi )along with their numerous tributaries make up the river system of India.

Which is the 2nd smallest state in India?


How many DM are there in India?

741 Indian districts are headed by DMs

How many cities are in India?

4000 Cities

How many villages are in India?

638,365 Villages

Which is the deepest river in India?

Brahmaputra river

What is the old name of Ganga river?

The Bhagirathi River

What is Modi mother name?

Heeraben Modi

Who is the only president of India elected twice?

Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

Who is the father of Indian Constitution?

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Who adopted the Constitution of India?

The Constituent Assembly of India

Who is the first Governor of RBI?

Sir Osborne Smith was the first Governor of the Reserve Bank.

Who is the first queen of India?

Queen Victoria

Who fought first against British in India?

Indian Mutiny, also called Sepoy Mutiny or First War of Independence, widespread but unsuccessful rebellion against British rule in India in 1857–59. Begun in Meerut by Indian troops (sepoys) in the service of the British East India Company, it spread to Delhi, Agra, Kanpur, and Lucknow.

Who gave Simon go back slogan?

Yusuf Meherally

Who built Delhi?

Sir Edwin Lutyens

Which is the safest state in India?


Which is biggest port in India?

Mumbai Port

Which is the newest port in India?

Tuticorin Port

Which is the largest Union Territory?

Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Which is the Smallest Union Territory?


Which is the largest District?

Kachchh [Gujarat]

Which is the first state of India?

Andhra Pradesh

Which city is most beautiful in India?


Which is the cleanest river in India?

Umngot river

Which is the oldest river in India?

The Narmada

Which state has no river in India?


Which is the deepest river in India?

Brahmaputra river

Which is the Salt river in India?

The Luni

Which is the smallest capital in India?


Who is DM of Ghaziabad?

Rakesh Kumar Singh

Who is the biggest village of India?


How many languages are in India?

While India has 22 separate official languages , it is home to a total of 121 languages and 270 mother tongues.

How many river basins are there in India?

There are 20 river basins/draining areas, large and small, in India. The Ganga basin is the largest.

Which state is called the land of five rivers?


Which state is called the land of five rivers?

Farook. M. O. Hasan Farook Maricar

Who is the oldest prime minister of India?

Morarji Desai

Who is the father of fundamental Rights?

B.R Ambedkar

Who is Rajya Sabha chairman?

M. Venkaiah Naidu

Who is the first speaker in India?

Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar

Who is the founder of nabard?

Under the Chairmanship of Shri B. Sivaraman, former member of Planning Commission, Government of India.

Who is the SBI Governor?

Dinesh Kumar Khara

Who is the bravest queen of India?

Razia Sultan

Who Ruled India the longest?

The Chola dynasty

Who is the National sister of India?

Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

Who is son of Mahatma Gandhi?

Harilal Gandhi
Manilal Gandhi
Ramdas Gandhi
Devdas Gandhi

Which is the biggest war in India?

Battle of Talikota

Who is the first female freedom fighters of India?

Rani Velu Nachiyar

Which is the national slogan of India?

Satyameva Jayate

Who used the word Quit India?

Yusuf Meher Ali

What is Bhagat Singh slogan?

‘Inquilab Zindabad’, is one of the most popular slogans of Bhagat Singh.

Which is oldest city in India?


What is the old capital of India?


Which state population is highest in India?

Uttar Pradesh

Which Indian state is beautiful state?


Which Place is safe for girl in India?


Which is the oldest port of India?

Kolkata Port Trust

How many ports India have?

India has 13 major ports and 205 notified minor and intermediate ports.

Which is the apple state of India?

Himachal Pradesh

Which is Cleanest city in India?


Which is Greenest city in India?


Which is the educated state in India?


Which river is called river of Death?

Shyok River

Which river is known as Dead river in India?

Ghaggar-Hakra River

Which river in India does not meet ocean?


What is the length of Krishna river?

1400 KM

Which river has the largest basin in India?

The Ganga Basin

Which river is the most cleanest river in India?

The Umngot river in Meghalaya

Which is deepest lake in India?

Manasbal Lake

Which is deepest lake in India?

Vembanad Lake

Who is current DM of Delhi?

Vikram Singh Malik, IAS

Who is the youngest MLA of India?

Arun Verma (born 12 June 1986)

How many Sabha are there in India?


Who is the architect of Fundamental rights?

Sardar Vallabhai Patel

What is the full form of NABARD?

NABARD – National Bank For Agriculture And Rural Development.

Who first created Bharat Mata image?

Bharat Mata is a work painted by the Indian painter Abanindranath Tagore in 1905. However, the painting was first created by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in the 1870s.

What is Gandhi wife name?

Kasturba Gandhi

What is Gandhi wife name?

Putlibai Gandhi

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