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GK quiz on India

Top 50 largest Indian companies by market capitalization

According to the 2021 data posted by the IMF, India is the 6th largest economy in the world in nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP), behind the US, China, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. With GDP valued to be worth US$ 3.04

List Of State Wise Trees In India

Like most other countries, India has a national symbol - the Lion Capital of Sarnath. Apart from India's national emblem, each of its States and Union Territories has its own state seals and symbols, including state animals, birds, trees,

List of Operational Nuclear Power Reactors in India

Nuclear energy is a crucial element of the country's energy combination and is being followed optimally with other energy sources. It is a clean, environment-friendly base load source of power available 24X7. It also has a huge

GK Quiz on Satyendra Nath Bose

Satyendra Nath Bose was an Indian mathematician and physicist master's in theoretical physics. He is popular for his work on quantum mechanics in the early 1920s, and He was also a founding member of Bose statistics and the theory of the…

List of 40 longest bridges above the rivers in India

A Man-made structure that carries a road, path, or railway tracks across a river, road, or any other barriers. India is well known as the land of rivers. To tackle all the connectivity barriers on rivers, we have built many bridges.

Indian State Birds and their States with Picture

Peacock was declared the national bird of India from these bird species in 1963 because it was entirely a part of Indian customs and culture. A peacock is a symbol of grace and beauty. The Scientific name of the peacock is Pavo cristatus.

List of RBI Governors of India | GK quiz on India

RBI Governors of India:- The Reserve Bank of India, mainly known as RBI, is India's central bank and regulatory body responsible for regulating the Indian banking system. It is under the ownership of the Ministry of Finance, Government of

List of female governors in India | GK Quiz on India

In India, a governor is the constitutional head of each state. The governor is appointed by the President of India for five years and holds office at the President's pleasure. The governor is de jure head of the state government, and

Women in politics: India’s female chief ministers

Mamata Banerjee, who has emerged as the main center in the nation's political powerplay, is now one of the longest-serving female chief ministers in the history of India. Besides her, only former Delhi CM Sheila Dixit had won three

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