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9 Best Places to Live in Texas

Texas is a great place to live. It has a lot of amenities and opportunities, but it also has its fair share of hazards and risks. This guide will help you decide if Texas is the right place for you.

8 Best Beaches Near Washington, DC for Family

Best Beaches Near me - Washington, DC - If you're looking for a fun activity near Washington, DC, then a trip to the beach is just what the doctor ordered. Plenty of beaches near the city are perfect for swimming and relaxing in the sun.…

10 Best Places To Visit In Florida With Family

Finding a better state in the United States to visit with children takes a lot of work. However, Florida has many perfect travel locations, from theme parks to museums to natural parks and beaches.

20 Amazing Marine National Parks in Thailand

A marine park is a specific park consisting of an area of sea (or lake) put aside to achieve ecological sustainability, promote marine awareness and knowledge, encourage marine recreational activities, and provide benefits for Indigenous

Best Botanical Gardens Around the World

A botanical garden is a special garden with greenhouses designed for organizing, cultivating, conserving, and showcasing plant species from all over the world marked with their botanical names.

Wildlife Sanctuaries In Thailand For Nature Lovers

The wildlife sanctuary is a protected area created to protect wild animals in their wild environment. Endangered wild animals like blackbuck, white-eyed buck, golden cat, pink-headed duck, marsh crocodile, python, elephants, gharial,

List of National Parks in Africa

National parks can preserve the ecosystem and biodiversity protection and economic benefits to the local people. In addition, national parks and protected areas can also play an important role in climate change mitigation.

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