9 Best Places to Live in Texas

Best Places to Live in Texas – Few areas in the United States or the world are as stereotypically portrayed as Texas. Texas is a great place to live. It has a lot of amenities and opportunities, but it also has its fair share of hazards and risks.

A distinct accent with a twang and drawl. Barbecues. Ranches and rodeos Heavy-duty pickup vehicles On horseback, cowboys rope livestock. The American flag was displayed on the front porch. Starry night skies Additionally, the Dallas Cowboys, However, the Lone Star State is much more than that.

And if you are interested in moving here, you will likely be interested in more than just the stereotypes. Fortunately, Texas has long been desirable due to its favorable environment, low state taxes, affordable housing, interesting cities, and abundant activities.

And as if we needed reminding, the most recent rankings of the Best Cities to Live in America place Texas in second place in terms of living standard, behind only California. In addition, Niche.com ranked schools, jobs, housing, crime, and amenities. So we developed our list using these facts and numbers and local comments. This guide will help you decide if Texas is the right place for you.

Best Places to Live in Texas

1 Austin

9 Best Place to Live in Texas

For the most part, the suburbs of major cities get the glory in lists like these, not the cities themselves. In 2017, however, Austin still placed at the astonishingly high position on the list. Because of its beauty, the capital of Texas has been acknowledged for excellence in more than one category already this year.

U.S. News & World Survey used to be less conservative, naming Austin the greatest place to live in America out of the 100 major cities. Millennials, in particular, are attracted to Austin like a moth to a flame, making up a large portion of the city’s population. So naturally, it necessitates an active nightlife, which is exactly what you get.

To this day, Austin’s population of 947,890 has miraculously remained below the magical round number of 1 million. The average home price is $325,700. Therefore it’s just a matter of time before this price is achieved.

2 Houston – Best Place to Live in Texas

9 Best Place to Live in Texas - Houston

Houston is the biggest city in Texas and the most diverse city in America. In addition, the Houston metropolitan area is known as one of the most economically successful areas in the country.
Houston residents enjoy living here because they can afford to do so without having to put much money down on their homes or cars. In addition, because property values are still low compared with other major cities, homeownership costs are much lower than elsewhere—especially when compared with neighboring Dallas/Fort Worth (which has the highest housing prices). If you’re thinking about moving to Houston but aren’t sure what neighborhoods will be best for your family’s needs, check out this list of top neighborhoods:

3 The Woodlands – Best Place to Live in Texas

9 Best Place to Live in Texas - The Woodlands

The Woodlands was ranked the sixth best location in the United States. It is well-known for its expansive parks and recreational opportunities, golf, corporate offices, schools, houses of religion, shopping, dining, hospitality, healthcare, and more. There are 151 parks and 220 km of hiking and biking trails today.

Anyone who has spent time in one of Houston’s ritziest suburbs will readily acknowledge that the area is truly in a class by itself. The 105,000-person town boasts enough luxury restaurants, shopping, concerts, and events to make it a perfect destination in its own right. It is also one of the gorgeous places to reside, with its verdant vegetation and wooded areas.

It is called The Woodlands for a reason, you know. Even if you believe that criminals may be hiding in the bushes, the crime rate is extremely low, with only one burglary per 100,000 people reported yearly. But, of course, the cost of living is somewhat high. Still, many consider the typical property value of $311,300 an excellent steal.

4 Best Places to Live in Texas – Plano

9 Best Place to Live in Texas - Plano

The most recent data also placed Plano quite highly, quietly in the eighth position in the United States, just below The Woodlands. Plano has the region’s lowest crime rates and taxes in Texas, with a population of 275,645. It touts itself as “An excellent place to do business” and lives up to its reputation.

JP Morgan Chase, Dean & Delucca, Barnes & Noble, and Shake Shack, among others, are among the businesses that appear to be relocating to this region of Texas. It also serves as the regional headquarters for multinational corporations such as PepsiCo, Bank of America, Intel, and Cigna.

With such a remarkable increase rate, it is unlikely that the median home value will continue at $329,100 for very long (it was $301,848 in 2016 and $231,600 in 2011). Plano is a remarkably diversified community, with 80 languages in its highly acclaimed schools. Moreover, given the community’s efforts to build a strong sense of friendship, newcomers will not take long to feel at home in their new surroundings.

5 Best Places to Live in Texas – Galveston

9 Best Place to Live in Texas - Galveston

Galveston, incorporated in 1839, swiftly became the busiest port west of New Orleans and the state’s largest metropolis. This dynamic and intelligent city constructed the state’s first post office, opera theatre, hospital, golf course, country club, and many other firsts. The entire southern coastline of Galveston provides you and your family with adequate room to spread out and enjoy some fun in the sun. From East Beach and Stewart Beach to the more than 10 miles of beachfront on Seawall to the miles of beachfront vacation homes on the west end, there is a place for everyone. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Texas are in Galveston. This popular beach has 30 miles of beautiful coastline that draws people worldwide.

6 Places to Live in Texas – Dallas

9 Best Place to Live in Texas - Dallas

Dallas is the third most populated city in the U.S. It’s home to The University of Texas at Dallas and Southern Methodist University, making it a desirable area for families. Cultural attractions include the Dallas Museum of Art and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (MAMFT). If you like music or sports, there are dozens of stadiums in the vicinity where you may see Miranda Lambert or Toby Keith.

7 Places to Live in Texas – Amarillo

9 Best Place to Live in Texas - Amarillo

Amarillo is famous for its steak challenge at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. The city has well-known theatres, art shows, and the Don Harrington Discovery Center and Space Theater. Amarillo means yellow in Spanish, maybe because of the subsoil in adjacent Amarillo Creek. In homage to the name, early residences were yellow. Amarillo feels suburban, and most inhabitants own their houses. Bars and parks abound in Amarillo. Amarillo’s families and young professionals are conservative. Above-average Amarillo public schools.

8 Places to Live in Texas – El Paso

9 Best Place to Live in Texas - El Paso

El Paso is called “Sun City” because it gets 302 sunny days a year. The city is well known for its Tex-Mex and border with Juarez, Mexico. El Paso, a border city, is one of the safest U.S. Many Americans travel from El Paso to Juarez. In addition, El Paso’s low cost of living is a big draw for prospective inhabitants. Without a state income tax, incomes travel further in the housing market.

9 Best Places in Texas – Brownsville

9 Best Place to Live in Texas - Brownsville

The penultimate combat of the Civil War, won by rebel Col. Rip Ford, took place east of Brownsville on May 13, 1865. Brownsville was the site of the first Mexican War fight and the last Civil War battle.
Most Brownsville inhabitants own their homes and enjoy a suburban lifestyle. Parks abound in Brownsville. Brownsville has many liberal households. Above-average Brownsville public schools. The city offers 30% cheaper housing costs and 19% lower utility costs than the national average. Transportation costs are 3% more than the national average. Brownsville has 15% lower grocery prices than the U.S.

FAQ about Best Places to Live in Texas

  1. What city in Texas has the best cost of living?

    According to the index, Brownsville-Harlingen is Texas' cheapest city. Brownsville-Harlingen costs 37% less than Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington.

  2. What is the safest small town to live in in Texas?

    Due to its vastness and variety, Texas has several safe cities with low violent and property crime rates.

  3. What is the safest big city to live in Texas?

    San Antonio ranked 86th safest in the U.S., ahead of Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

  4. What is the happiest city in Texas?


  5. What Texas city is booming?

    AUSTIN, Texas

  6. Where is the best place to live in Texas for retirees?

    Austin ranks #1 for health care, a world-class arts scene, and recreation opportunities. Retirees flood Texas. 22-Aug-2022

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