8 Best Beaches Near Washington, DC for Family

Best Beaches Near me – Washington, DC – If you’re looking for a fun activity near Washington, DC, then a trip to the beach is just what the doctor ordered. Plenty of beaches near the city are perfect for swimming and relaxing in the sun. But, of course, you can also go hiking or bike riding if it’s more your speed!

1 Chesapeake Bay Beach, Maryland

Best Beaches Near me - Chesapeake Bay Beach, Maryland

Chesapeake Bay Beach is located in Maryland, just south of Washington, DC. The beach has beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay, a popular destination for locals and tourists. You can swim, fish, boat, or walk along this beach, rated as one of America’s best beaches by USA Today.

2 Point Lookout State Park, Maryland

Best Beaches Near me - Point Lookout State Park, Maryland

Point Lookout State Park is located on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It’s a very popular beach with a wide variety of activities, including kayaking, fishing, and swimming.

There are also several campsites available. The park is open year-round and has miles of trails for hiking or biking.

It’s also home to an impressive lighthouse built in 1830—the only one in all of America! The park’s name comes from its location at what was once known as “Point Lookout.”

It is because it was here that George Washington first set foot after being elected president by Congress back in 1789 (he later became known as “Father of Our Country”).

You can visit this historic site by boat or guided tour from the shore if you prefer to avoid going into deep water yourself!

3 best beaches near me – Cape Charles Beach, Virginia

Best Beaches Near me - Cape Charles Beach, Virginia

Cape Charles Beach is a great beach to visit in Virginia, just 45 minutes from Washington, DC.

The beach has access to the Chesapeake Bay and offers plenty of parking and amenities such as showers, restrooms, bike rentals, and more.

The cost of parking at Cape Charles Beach varies depending on how far you drive (it’s free if your car is less than five miles away).

There are also several restaurants nearby where you can grab lunch or dinner before heading down to the sandbar!

Be sure not to step on crabs that live under rocks along this stretch of shoreline.

Doing so will cause them injury or death by crushing them underfoot when walking barefoot through shallow water areas near their caves during low tide periods.”

4 Public beaches near me – Chincoteague Island Public Beach, Virginia

Best Beaches Near me - Chincoteague Island Public Beach, Virginia

This spot is worth considering if you’re looking for a beach close to Washington, DC, with plenty of parking options.

It’s less than an hour away on the Virginia side of the Potomac River and is open every day from May to October.

Bring your towels—they’re not provided here—and grab a rental bike if you want one (you can find them at Chincoteague Island State Park). You’ll also need cash since most businesses don’t take credit cards.

The best time to visit Chincoteague island is during spring vacation when there are usually more people around and more activities available—like fishing trips or kayaking rentals!

If you’re planning on staying overnight during this time (or anytime through early fall).

Make sure to call before heading out to make reservations at local hotels like The Cove Inn & Suites, which offers $49-$89 rooms with free Wi-Fi access.

Continental breakfast served daily until 10 am in their dining room area near where guests check in upon arrival after kayaking excursions start up again sometime around noon each day.”

5 beaches near me to swim – South Bethany Beach, Delaware

Best Beaches Near me - South Bethany Beach, Delaware

South Bethany Beach, Delaware, is a small beach town on the Atlantic coast of Delaware. It’s a popular tourist destination in the summer, with long boardwalks, shops, and restaurants.

A beach is also popular for surfing, swimming, and fishing. South Bethany Beach was founded as an amusement park that opened in 1877 by William Tindall.

The park closed down after four years due to financial problems but reopened under new ownership in 1908 as The Boardwalk Amusement Park (which later became known simply as “The Boardwalk”).

Unfortunately, the current owners bought this property from them in 2010 when they were going through foreclosure proceedings against them to keep it open forever!

6 beaches near me – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Best Beaches Near me - Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is a popular family beach resort, and for a good reason. It has a long history of being a popular beach resort with many hotels and restaurants. The city also offers plenty of activities for visitors in the summer months, including water sports and fishing trips.

7 beaches near me – Fenwick Island State Park, Delaware

Best Beaches Near me - Fenwick Island State Park, Delaware

Fenwick Island State Park, Delaware, is a popular beach destination. This park offers a beautiful beach, picnic areas, and playgrounds for kids to enjoy. However, if you’re looking for more than just swimming, try some seafood restaurants nearby!

8 Beaches near me – Ocean City Boardwalk and Beach, Maryland

Best Beaches Near me - Ocean City Boardwalk and Beach, Maryland

Ocean City Boardwalk and Beach, located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, is one of the most popular ocean destinations in the country.

Although it’s not as busy as many other beaches on this list, it still has plenty going for it: there are plenty of restaurants and shops along the boardwalk, a sandy beach with clear waters, lifeguards who patrol during summer months, and an abundance of dog-friendly activities (i.e., surfing!).

The town was founded in 1870 by German immigrants who desired more opportunities for their families back home. The oceanfront area where they built this community became known as “Little Germany.”

Today Ocean City Boardwalk & Beach serves delicious seafood options like crabs at Louie’s Seafood Market & Restaurant or fried shrimp at Captain Ron’s Joints & More!

There are a large number of beaches to visit near Washington, DC.

There are a large number of beaches to visit near Washington, DC. You can choose from the following:

  • The Potomac River
  • Great Falls National Park (Virginia)
  • Sandy Point State Park (Maryland)

With its long history and beautiful scenery, Washington, DC, is a destination for many who want to experience the best of America. In addition, numerous beaches are available nearby if you want to fly from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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