Wildlife Sanctuaries In Thailand For Nature Lovers

The wildlife sanctuary is a protected area created to protect wild animals in their wild environment. Endangered wild animals like blackbuck, white-eyed buck, golden cat, pink-headed duck, marsh crocodile, python, elephants, gharial,

Countries and Their Parliament Names for Students

The Parliament is a national assembly of elected representatives of the people. The assembly of elected representatives of the people at the state level is called the legislature or the legislative assembly. The Parliament has the

The National Game Of Different Countries

The main motive behind the Games introduced is to promote active participation among people and unite them as a nation, which would also help improve physical fitness and entertain the crowd. As a result, certain games are more popular

List of World’s Largest Consumer Markets

The sharp drop in oil prices and quick exchange rate adjustments are just a few examples of the economic factors that impact consumers worldwide. In the U.S., the economy is booming. Elsewhere, things are not so good. But, as expected,

The World’s Biggest Cargo Container Ships

Here is a list of cargo container ships with a capacity larger than 20,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU). Container ships are mainly built for larger sizes to take advantage of economies of scale and lower the expenses as part of

The 10 Heaviest living bird species on Earth

Some of the largest birds on Earth can stand taller than any NBA player and extend their wings wider than kings-sized beds. Almost 10,000 birds on Earth come in various shapes and sizes,

World’s Busiest Seaports by Cargo Tonnage

Here are the world's busiest seaports by cargo tonnage, the total mass, or volume of actual cargo transported through the port. The listing is based on AAPA world port ranking data. In the Measure column, MT = Metric Tons, HT = Harbor

The Largest Geothermal Power Stations in the World

Geothermal power stations are similar to other steam turbine thermal power stations in that heat from a fuel source is used to heat water. The water then rotates a generator's turbine to produce electricity. It uses hydrothermal

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